Innovation, insight, community building and creativity sit at the heart of our events programme. With over 200 unique talks, workshops, experiences, debates, solution showcases, dinners and film screenings a year, The Conduit is a platform for catalysing and supporting new ideas and collective action around 7 core themes: Arts and Culture, Climate Change and Sustainability, Education & Skills, Employment & Economic Opportunity, Gender Empowerment, Health & Nutrition and Justice & Equality.


28 January 2020


Confidence: a sometimes elusive quality, but one that we’d all like to cultivate. The good news? Confidence is a skill – something that we can grow and nurture throughout our lives. Whether it’s a big presentation, a job interview or a first date, this two-hour, experiential workshop will help you to build your confidence and get out of your comfort zone. Through a combination of tried-and-tested coaching exercises, powerful questions and shared learning, you’ll get to grips with the difference between internal and external confidence, identify inspiring role models, practice overcoming limiting beliefs and learn techniques to calm your body and brain when you want to run for the hills! Please bring a notebook with you and be ready to work individually, in pairs and as a group.

3 February 2020


Ongoing conversations about gender and equality have raised questions about privilege, identity, stereotypes and societal norms. Concerns about men’s mental health and wellbeing globally continue to be a prominent part of moments like International Men’s Day. So what does it mean to be a man in 2020? Join us for an open conversation to explore the concept of modern masculinity: our perceptions of what ‘manliness’ looks like, the expectations and barriers men might face, and what we can collectively do about them. We’ll examine the role of support networks in building resilience, as well as hearing from expert panellists on the lessons they’ve learned from conversations with boys and men all across the UK. Everyone is welcome to join this event and share their perspective; however, we’d especially encourage men – of all backgrounds, identities and viewpoints- to attend and participate in the discussion.



How do we transition to an ecologically sound and socially just economy which allows us all to prosper? Join us for an intimate dinner focused on the role of regional mutual banking in creating a more democratised financial system. Come ready to discuss the future of our financial system, from reducing the poverty premium to banking the financially excluded; creating loan growth for SMEs to increasing the circulation of real goods, services and money in local communities.



Do you believe that technology has the potential to solve some of the world’s toughest and most pressing challenges? Are you eager to know more about the latest innovations and hear about the organisations building digital solutions to social challenges? Join us to connect with the community around the topic of tech for good, with light activities organised by our Membership team. Get to know your fellow members over a drink or two, learn about new and exciting projects, and explore avenues for collaboration.


The ability to communicate the value of a product, idea or service in a very short timeframe is a critically important skill, whether you’re pitching to potential investors, seeking to engage new customers or perhaps answering that simplest of networking questions: ‘What do you do?’. This practical and engaging session offers you a simple process for addressing this challenge. Learn how to engage your listener from the very first word, ‘sell’ yourself and your ideas more effectively, be more memorable and build your personal brand, all while preserving your authenticity.


Join us for an intimate chat with Leticia, a frontline LGBTQ activist from Uganda – a country where until recently it was illegal to be gay. Hear first-hand what it was like growing up in rural Uganda as a trans woman and how that experience catalysed Leticia to launch Queer Youth Uganda (QYU). We’ll hear about the life-threatening attacks Leticia has faced, how she has overcome countless challenges to continue her critical work, and what type of support frontline activists like her need from the international community.