Previous Events

Revolutionary Food

We were delighted to host a series of dinners and discussions at Refettorio Felix, the community kitchen founded by Massimo Bottura that explored the pivotal role food plays in society and the positive impact our choices can have on creating sustainable food systems. Thought leaders in the field shared the challenges and solutions facing society in the areas of nutritional neuroscience, food waste, diversified agriculture, the evolving role of restaurants, a plant-based diet, sourcing local and the importance of food in breaking down barriers. Outstanding food and wine were served, of course!

Hard Truths

In collaboration with The New York Times and The Foundation for the Exhibition of Photography, The Conduit hosted a ground-breaking exhibition showcasing the work of Pulitzer Prize winning photographers. Using powerful images from Venezuela, Iraq, Syria, the Philippines, Cuba and Iran, the exhibition portrayed the reality of transitions and their impact on everyday life. We hosted a series of discussions alongside the exhibition at Sotheby’s including:
Stories in the Field: Insights from the photographers behind the images.
Human Rights in Transition: Panel discussion with Salil Shetty, Secretary General, Amnesty International and Gillian Caldwell, CEO, Global Witness.
Is Uncertainty the New Normal?:
A geo-political roundtable conversation.

(C) Kensuke Saito Surf Photography

Harnessing Your Energy Workshop in Collaboration with Leaders’ Quest

In collaboration with Leaders’ Quest, we hosted a series of gatherings to help our members optimize their ability to function at their best. Whether you’re leading a big corporate team or an NGO, working in government or as an entrepreneur, your energy is essential to your existence. You can’t innovate if you’re depleted, inspire if you’re low, act if you’re exhausted or connect if you’re lost. With greater awareness about what increases or drains our energy, we can be more intentional and change the way we feel. With more energy, we can be happier and healthier and lead more sustainable and successful lives.

Frontiers of the Future of Work

We hosted an intimate dinner during the Skoll World Forum for Social Entrepreneurship with Apolitical and for thought leaders on the rapidly changing nature of work, including insights in the areas of universal basic income, the care economy, green jobs, augmented intelligence and the future of hiring.

Thematic Salon Dinners

We are hosting an ongoing series of salon dinners in the lead up to opening in September, presenting members who are experts in the fields around The Conduit’s seven core programme areas. Our roster of speakers include, among many others, Peter Drobac, Director, Skoll Foundation for Social Entrepreneurship, Rafia Quershi, Executive Director, The Womanity Foundation, Sarah Butler-Sloss, Founder-Director, Ashden Trust and Oren Yakobovich, Founder of Videre Est Credere.