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The Future of News: Evolve or Perish

The media has a great influence on how citizens around the world access and interpret current events. How do we sift through the enormous amounts of current event information that we are saturated with each day? How do we solve some of the challenges this information explosion has posed to our communities, political structures, and trust in institutions? With over 1.7 Billion websites in existence, editorial control within many news mediums has become more limited or in some cases non-existent. Conduit members joined co-founder Paul van Zyl for an intimate conversation with journalist Christiane Amanpour, on the future of news and solutions to the challenges we are facing in the digital information age.

It's time to act on mental health

1 in 4 of us will experience a mental health disorder at some point in our lives, yet millions go without treatment or diagnosis. How do we stop depression from becoming the leading cause of disease by 2030? On World Mental Health Day, Conduit members joined Mary de Silva, Head of Population Health at Wellcome, and Chris Underhill, social entrepreneur, to discuss the latest global mental health research, innovations in the field for prevention and treatment, and what individuals can do to take action.


A new solution to the refugee crisis

The numbers of individuals forced to flee their homes has exceeded the number of displacements mapped during World War II. Since 2015 over 1,3 million migrants have applied for asylum in the 28 states of the European Union. One of the biggest challenges they face today is integration into European societies. How are government, civil society and social enterprises responding to this challenge? The Conduit hosted an interactive lunch with entrepreneurs who have developed innovative integration solutions, including Laura Esnaola from, Pranav Chopra from NEMI Teas, Nicola Hill from The Bike Project and Anna Jones from RefuAid.

The largest untapped reservoir of talent and investment in the world

From new investments to existing portfolio companies, emerging data has proved that the gender gap is a significant investment opportunity, yet female founders still face a disproportionately outsized challenge when it comes to securing investment. The Conduit hosted a panel discussion with investors and entrepreneurs to hear what they gained by investing in women-led ventures, with speakers including Anya Navidski, founder & CEO of Voulez Capital, Nadia Sood, CEO of Oktober6 and Credit Enable, Tamara Rajah, Founder & CEO of Live Better With, and Conduit Co-founder Rowan Finnegan.


Can technology save the planet?

From Climate Change to species extinction, planet earth and its inhabitants are facing unprecedented challenges. Whilst governments and businesses ramp up efforts to meet the Paris Agreement on climate change and to deliver the UN Sustainable Development Goals, the role of technology in support of these efforts is increasingly in the spotlight. From blockchain to artificial intelligence, how is technology already being mobilised to monitor and protect the lands, waters and species of our fragile planet? How can we further accelerate the use of these technologies? In partnership with The Nature Conservancy, join us for the second instalment of The Conduit’s Tech For Good Series, geared towards water, land and wildlife conservation.

Memorialising History

Can a building dedicated to African American History and Culture bring communities to a fresh understanding of the cultural, racial and political history and current times? What light might it shed on the present? Conduit members joined co-founder Paul van Zyl for an intimate conversation with Professor Lonnie Bunch, historian, author, curator, educator, and founding director of the Smithsonian’s National Museum of African American History and Culture (NMAAHC). They discussed the challenges of representing a history that has long been ignored and addressed the question of how a contemporary museum engages its visitors with an often troubled past while holding up the possibility of social justice.


Designing an alternative Justice System

The Conduit hosted a breakfast conversation between Edwina Grosvenor, Founding Investor and Ambassador of The Clink prison restaurant chain and Founder of One Small Thing, and Robyn Scott, Co-Founder, Apolitical. Edwina’s mission is clear: to change the face of justice in England and Wales. To do this, Edwina supports a range of programmes and initiatives that focus on training, qualifications and employment for men and women upon release from prison. Although these programmes are a success and despite a number of charities and philanthropists supporting this space, there is still a long way to go in reforming the prison system. Whose responsibility is it? How can we build partnerships for change?