Episode 3

Oliver Steeds on the role of the ocean in sustainable development

Paul’s guest in this episode is Oliver Steeds, founder, Chief Executive and Mission Director of Nekton, dedicated to the exploration and protection of the ocean. Oliver explains the importance of widespread ‘ocean literacy’ and international marine conservation efforts, and shares why it was so important for ocean protection to be included as a key pillar in the G7 Fashion Pact.

This episode is part of a new series exploring sustainability in fashion, created in partnership with Ralph Lauren. Throughout this series, we invited key leaders, academics, creatives and entrepreneurs to share their stories and views on the challenges and opportunities of today’s fashion industry. We looked at how brands, influencers and media can pull together to deliver much-needed positive change, and explored the collaborations and innovations shaping a more sustainable future. This series is inspired by ‘Design The Change’, Ralph Lauren’s global strategic roadmap to create timeless style, protect the environment and champion better lives, in line with the G7 fashion pact and the United Nations Global Compact.