Why citizens should vote – even from abroad

As momentum builds towards the United States Presidential Election in November, Conduit member Laura Mosedale shares why every vote counts.

Ida Tin, Clue: “There has been an extraordinary blind spot around female healthcare”

Danish entrepreneur Ida Tin is Co-founder and CEO of Clue, the world’s leading science-based and trusted female health and period tracking app – and now a Conduit Connect company. We caught up with Ida to learn about the role of technology in empowering and educating women, her strict stance on data privacy and raising funding as a female founder.

Performative allyship is deadly

Conduit member Holiday Phillips explains why we can’t allow performative allyship to take centre stage in the quest for equality and shares some ways in which we can all start advocating with our actions.

How to keep children reading during COVID-19

David Risher, CEO and Co-founder at W​orldreader, shares why the value of reading goes far beyond the simple enjoyment of a good story and explains how a new app is making it easier for children to keep reading and learning while they’re unable to go to school.

Will COVID-19 be the big break for sustainability and the climate?

Globechain founder & CEO (and Conduit member) May Al-Karooni reflects on the ways in which COVID-19 has forced us to reassess our genuine needs and the impact this may have on the future of the planet.

Conduit for Culture: May 2020

The days are getting lighter and the weather is getting warmer – but we still need something to keep us entertained during long lockdown evenings! From adaptations of smash-hit books to hard-hitting theatre, this is what we’re watching, reading and listening to in May.

Communicating in a Crisis

Scott Young, CEO of BVA Nudge Unit UK and Conduit member, shares five key principles from behavioural science that we can draw on to help us communicate in times of high stress.

A Modern Pilgrimage: Art and Wellbeing

Conduit member and Goldsmiths University student Alastair Davey reflects on the psychological and spiritual power of works of art and the buildings that house them.

Shaun Kingsbury: “It will take an investment of many trillions of dollars to move to a greener economy”

As he joins The Conduit Investment Advisors as CEO, we speak to Shaun Kingsbury, former CEO of the UK Green Investment Bank, about the importance of capital market solutions to global challenges and the impact he hopes to achieve in his new role.

Dee Saigal: “Young women who can code will always have confidence in their own potential”

Erase All Kittens is an online game that teaches children to code and empowers them to design and build their own creations on the web. We asked founder Dee Saigal to share what inspired her to develop the game and why she wishes she’d learned to code as a kid.

The Green Brick Road: How corporates can redesign their purpose in a post-pandemic world

How can large companies lead with purpose as we navigate the global coronavirus crisis? The Conduit’s Director of Partnerships & Public Relations, Natasha Burroughs, shares three approaches that are already being put into practice by forward-thinking corporates.

And still we ride: the ‘Cyber Cyclists’ helping refugees through Covid-19

Conduit member Jem Stein, founder of The Bike Project, shares how a bike can transform a life – especially during a shutdown.

Virginia Gardiner, Loowatt: “Toilet systems should generate value from waste”

We caught up with Virginia Gardiner, CEO of Loowatt, to learn more about why she moved from journalism to launch her own company, how she measures her impact and how it felt to have a Loowatt toilet displayed at the V&A Museum.