Justice & Equality

Five lessons in running impactful campaigns from Richard Curtis

As the first guest on our new podcast, created in partnership with Coutts, writer, director and campaigner Richard Curtis shares five of his top tips for creating campaigns that get attention and drive genuine positive change.

The legacy of colonial laws and their impact on LGBTQ+ people around the world

Did you know that a significant number of discriminatory laws against LGBT people around the world originate from the British colonial era? Conduit member Charlotte Minvielle, Head of Development at the Human Dignity Trust, explains why and how the British need to take responsibility for their damaging legacy.

Why equity matters and why it must be measured

Patricia Hamzahee, Founder of Integriti Capital and Conduit member, writes about the vital role data can play in enabling equity of outcomes for Black and ethnic minority-led businesses.

Why citizens should vote – even from abroad

As momentum builds towards the United States Presidential Election in November, Conduit member Laura Mosedale shares why every vote counts.

Performative allyship is deadly

Conduit member Holiday Phillips explains why we can’t allow performative allyship to take centre stage in the quest for equality and shares some ways in which we can all start advocating with our actions.

And still we ride: the ‘Cyber Cyclists’ helping refugees through Covid-19

Conduit member Jem Stein, founder of The Bike Project, shares how a bike can transform a life – especially during a shutdown.

Giving in a time of pandemics

Individuals, organisations and whole countries are more in need than ever before: are new models of philanthropy the answer? Conduit member Alessandra Buonfino, trustee of Water Unite and cross-party think-tank Demos, explores the ways in which private capital can be directed during the global coronavirus pandemic.

Ebinehita Iyere: “One instance of violence in a community is one too many”

After speaking on a panel at The Conduit about violence affecting young people, we talk to youth practitioner and founder of Milk and Honey, Ebinehita Iyere, about the root causes of rising violence, why we need to speak to young people about grief and the pressure facing young women and girls.

Afua Hirsch on Identity, Race & Harry and Meghan

Journalist, author and broadcaster Afua Hirsch came to The Conduit to share the inspiration behind her book, ‘Brit(ish)’, as well as her thoughts on Britain’s colonial past and the Duchess of Sussex’s treatment in the press.

A Story of Homelessness and Choosing Hope

After moderating our panel on Temporary Housing, Housing consultant Ian Hembrow shares the tale of his recent encounters with one young man affected by homelessness, and the lessons for everyone anxious to help others in similar situations.

Inside Cambridge Analytica’s Plot to Break the World

In a dynamic conversation with The Conduit’s Co-Founder & Chief Creative Officer, Paul van Zyl, Cambridge Analytica whistleblower, Christopher Wylie, lifts the lid on the biggest political scandal of the century so far.


Venezuela: Finding a Way Forward

Four expert speakers examine the Venezuelan crisis, the situation on the ground and the steps the international community can take.