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10 alternative ways to boost your mental wellbeing

Jonny Benjamin, mental health campaigner, producer and public speaker, shares ten individuals and organisations offering new and alternative approaches to mental health and wellbeing, from cuddling puppies to picking up the guitar.

Kris Sterkens, Johnson & Johnson Foundation (Scotland): “We’re supporting the power of local ideas to create real, sustainable change.”

We spoke with Kris Sterkens, Chairman, Janssen EMEA, and Chair, the Johnson & Johnson Foundation (Scotland), about the vital role impact investment can play in providing quality healthcare for all and why a health-worker-first approach is key to building resilient health systems now and in the future.

Wayne Channon, Stabilitech: “We should be demanding more in terms of immunity”

We spoke with Wayne Channon, Chairman of biotech company Stabilitech (now supported by the Conduit Connect), about Stabilitech’s progress towards a coronavirus vaccine and why we should all be talking about mucosal immunity.

Learning to talk about mental health

Award-winning mental health campaigner, Jonny Benjamin, and his father Michael, share their advice and resources for talking about mental health with your loved ones.

Yo Takatsuki, AXA IM, on investing in the COVID-19 recovery

We spoke to Yo Takatsuki, Head of ESG Research and Active Ownership at AXA Investment Managers, about the company’s partnership with the Access to Medicine Foundation and the role of investors in a post-COVID recovery.

James Chen: “Philanthropists have to act as catalysts to increase the rate of change”

Philanthropist James Chen has dedicated over fifteen years to tackling the global crisis of vision, through his roles as Chair of the Chen Yet Sen Family Foundation and the founder of Adlens, Vision for a Nation and the global Clearly campaign. We spoke to James about taking inspiration from his father, favouring innovation over bureaucracy, and why risk is the secret ingredient in genuinely impactful philanthropy.

Ida Tin, Clue: “There has been an extraordinary blind spot around female healthcare”

Danish entrepreneur Ida Tin is Co-founder and CEO of Clue, the world’s leading science-based and trusted female health and period tracking app – and now a Conduit Connect company. We caught up with Ida to learn about the role of technology in empowering and educating women, her strict stance on data privacy and raising funding as a female founder.

Virginia Gardiner, Loowatt: “Toilet systems should generate value from waste”

We caught up with Virginia Gardiner, CEO of Loowatt, to learn more about why she moved from journalism to launch her own company, how she measures her impact and how it felt to have a Loowatt toilet displayed at the V&A Museum.

‘Unprecedented’: Maintaining faith in a time of challenge

How can we use mindful practices to prepare for, and adapt to, great change? Conduit member, community builder and workshop facilitator Daniel Kern shares the importance of faithful adaptability in the face of global crisis.

Patient zero: why it’s such a toxic term

Conduit member and Wellcome Trust Research Fellow at the University of Cambridge, Richard McKay breaks down the problematic use of ‘patient zero’ as it relates to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Ten Tips for Staying Sane, and Helping Others, in Self-isolation

From calling your loved ones to making time to read the book that’s been gathering dust on your shelf, Elizabeth Filippouli, Founder of Global Thinkers Forum and Athena40, shares ten ways to stay sane and connected in this time of crisis.

Pile of newspapers

How to avoid fake news with the latest coronavirus updates

We asked global health physician Peter Drobac to curate a comprehensive list of the epidemiologists, virologists, public health experts, science journalists and new outlets to rely on for accurate data, educated opinion and the latest coronavirus updates.


A chat with Conduit Connect member Sylvana Sinha

Sylvana Sinha is the founder of Praava Health, a company that is raising the bar for healthcare in Bangladesh with international standard doctors, diagnostics, and technology. We asked her a few questions about her entrepreneurial journey and her mission.