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Advocates, Antagonists & Agnostics: The wisdom of focusing our efforts

Whether it’s winning voters in an election or acquiring new customers, we have a tendency to focus our efforts on those who either strongly agree or disagree with us – but what about the people who aren’t acting on their beliefs? Scott Young of the BVA Nudge Unit explains how behavioural science can be used to persuade agnostics to take action.

Communicating online: Tips for authenticity

In this new series, Conduit member and public speaking expert Simon Bucknall shares his top tips for avoiding awkward moments and coming across as your best self during online meetings.

Applying behavioural science for good in the private sector

Conduit member Scott Young, CEO of BVA Nudge Unit, shares why behavioural science could be the key to overcoming organisational challenges post-COVID and explains how the private sector can adopt it effectively.

How to keep children reading during COVID-19

David Risher, CEO and Co-founder at W​orldreader, shares why the value of reading goes far beyond the simple enjoyment of a good story and explains how a new app is making it easier for children to keep reading and learning while they’re unable to go to school.

Communicating in a Crisis

Scott Young, CEO of BVA Nudge Unit UK and Conduit member, shares five key principles from behavioural science that we can draw on to help us communicate in times of high stress.

Dee Saigal: “Young women who can code will always have confidence in their own potential”

Erase All Kittens is an online game that teaches children to code and empowers them to design and build their own creations on the web. We asked founder Dee Saigal to share what inspired her to develop the game and why she wishes she’d learned to code as a kid.

How to give our children resilience in a time of enormous change

Conduit member and Director of the global Power of Zero campaign, Nicholas Carlisle, shares how we can draw on lessons from leaders both past and present to make this moment of historic challenge meaningful for our children.

A person leading a group on a walk

How to lead in the global pandemic crisis

As we adapt to these challenging times, corporate leadership advisor and Conduit member Niamh O’Keeffe shares her ten top tips for steering your organisation through the COVID-19 pandemic.

How to build your confidence

Do you find your confidence wavering when you need it most? Executive Coaches Lisa Quinn and Nicky Chambers give an insight into how you can tune into your body to build your own self-belief.


5 Lessons from the World’s Best Teacher

Earlier this month, we were delighted to welcome 2019 Global Teacher Prize winner, Peter Tabichi, to The Conduit.


Bridging the Generational Divide

In March, The Conduit hosted Marc Freedman, president and CEO of, for a discussion around his…


Imposter Syndrome: How to take your own inner critic in hand

Dry mouth. Racing heart. Sweaty palms. Breathlessness. All are common physical responses to fear…


Chip Conley: “It’s time we valued wisdom as much as we do disruption”

With the ever-increasing importance of digital intelligence in the workplace, it can often feel like…