Climate Change & Sustainability

Conscious Consumption: How to accelerate the green revolution

The Conduit’s Director of Business Development, Natasha Burroughs, examines the consumer motivations behind a rise in more conscious purchasing decisions and shares how brands, investors and governments can encourage the trend to become a permanent reality.

Pollution from a chimney

Why we need to identify ‘patient zero’ for GHG emissions

As China fights to contain the coronavirus, is the world ignoring a larger impending threat? Ajit Dayal asks if the approach to mitigating the impact of deadly viruses can be applied to the world’s largest-growing source of greenhouse gas emissions.

A model walks down a catwalk

Fashion Week: An industry that doesn’t want to change

In this bold call to arms, Simone Cipriani, Conduit Member and Head and Founder of the Ethical Fashion Initiative at the International Trade Centre, shares the enormous flaw at the heart of the fashion industry business model: the cost to people and the planet.

Woman in green dress at Fashion Week

Why greenwashing will stop the fashion industry reaching its potential

As Fashion Week comes to London, Conduit member and GNGR Bees founder, Nathália Grisard, reflects on what her experience working within the industry has taught her about greenwashing, consumer responsibility and the potential for a cleaner and more creative fashion industry.

Plane flying across a blue sky

How new technology can help you measure your carbon footprint

As part of a new series on the challenges and imperatives of measuring your carbon footprint, Conduit member Edward Jack, founder & CEO of Lytely, writes for us on the role technology can play in empowering individuals to lessen their environmental impact.

How can the food industry tackle the climate crisis?

The Conduit’s Director of Business Development, Natasha Burroughs, shares current trends affecting the industry’s sustainability actions, from farm to fork.

Observations from Veganuary

Conduit member Dr Alexandra Jellicoe shares why she decided to go vegan for January and what she learned in the process.


Allbirds x The Conduit Team: Four Team Members Talk Sustainability, Community & their Passions

To mark our partnership with Allbirds, the sustainable footwear brand from San Francisco, we caught up with four familiar faces from The Conduit team to hear about their work and passions.

10 tips for becoming an activist in 2020

There’s always something we can do to tackle global problems – and what better time to start than at the beginning of a new decade? We’ve collated advice from ten past guests on our podcast, Conduit Conversations, to inspire you to become a conduit for positive social change in 2020.


Plastic woke-washing: Is this fake leadership fooling anyone anymore?

Sian Sutherland, Co-founder of A Plastic Planet, writes for The Conduit on what we can learn from the tobacco industry when it comes to dealing with plastic pollution and the steps industry leaders must take.

Building a Sustainable Fashion Industry

We heard from three sustainability leaders working to change the fashion industry from within.