Climate Change & Sustainability

Mobility after the Corona Crisis: Fast-forwarded electric revolution?

The corona crisis and associated lockdown measures brought everyday life and mobility to a standstill. Norbert Ruecker, Head of Economics and Next Generation Research at Julius Baer, takes a closer look at the crisis as a catalyst for change and at how different the future could look.

Tackling the Pandemic Sustainably

Anand Iyer and Samr Calcutawala, Co-Founders of PreSols UK, explain why we shouldn’t sacrifice the climate as we tackle COVID-19 and offer a sustainable solution to the mask pollution problem.

Peter Flavel, CEO, Coutts: “You can be commercial whilst also having a strong purpose”

To celebrate ‘A Sustainable Life’, our podcast series created in partnership with Coutts, we chatted with Peter Flavel, the institution’s CEO, about balancing profit with purpose and staying relevant in a fast-changing world.

What we must learn from Mauritius’ worst oil spill disaster

Mauritius is currently experiencing its worst oil spill ever recorded following the grounding of the wide bulk Carrier ‘MV Wakashio’. Environmental expert and Conduit Member Komal Hassamal, along with colleagues Paolo Tibaldeschi and Sindra Sharma, share the key lessons that ocean states should learn to avoid similar events in the future.

Impact Investing in a new world

For the first in a new series of pieces exploring how the Conduit community is responding to COVID-19, Deepa Mirchandani delves into the role of impact investing in building back better and the key steps for investors to take in creating a more sustainable and equitable future.

Climate, COVID and moments of change

Conduit member Rob Moore, Director at Behaviour Change, shares new research that reveals how UK citizens really feel about climate change and suggests how green campaigners can change their approach to inspire genuine and impactful action.

Applying test, track and trace to combatting climate change

Conduit member Edward Jack, founder and CEO of Lytely, asks how the test, track and trace approach to combatting COVID-19 might be applied to accelerate the transition to a lower carbon economy.

Five lessons on climate, COVID and the future of food

The COVID-19 pandemic has forced us to question and reevaluate the unsustainable growth model that has, until now, been driving the world. Inspired by recent conversations with sustainability leaders as part of a new podcast series, Erik Bruun Bindslev and Elizabeth Candelario, Partners at MERIKA Advisory, share their thoughts on how we can build a fairer, greener future.

Enlightened investment in times of crisis

Conduit member Dr. Mary Johnstone-Louis, along with colleagues Dr. Bridget Kustin and Professor Colin Mayer CBE FBA, reflect on the role of family-owned companies when it comes to building a sustainable and just world post-COVID.

Will COVID-19 be the big break for sustainability and the climate?

Globechain founder & CEO (and Conduit member) May Al-Karooni reflects on the ways in which COVID-19 has forced us to reassess our genuine needs and the impact this may have on the future of the planet.

Shaun Kingsbury: “It will take an investment of many trillions of dollars to move to a greener economy”

As he joins The Conduit Investment Advisors as CEO, we speak to Shaun Kingsbury, former CEO of the UK Green Investment Bank, about the importance of capital market solutions to global challenges and the impact he hopes to achieve in his new role.

The Green Brick Road: How corporates can redesign their purpose in a post-pandemic world

How can large companies lead with purpose as we navigate the global coronavirus crisis? The Conduit’s Director of Partnerships & Public Relations, Natasha Burroughs, shares three approaches that are already being put into practice by forward-thinking corporates.

Moving from Awareness to Action on Sustainability

While many of us are aware of the scale and seriousness of the climate crisis, fundamentally changing our behaviour is proving more difficult. Scott Young, Conduit member and CEO of BVA Nudge Unit UK, examines five ways in which behavioural science can be used to persuade people, businesses and governments to adopt more sustainable habits.