Allbirds x The Conduit Team: Four Team Members Talk Sustainability, Community & their Passions


From our bar staff to the housekeeping team, there are so many people working behind the scenes every day to build The Conduit community and to uphold our sustainability values. To mark our partnership with Allbirds, the sustainable footwear brand from San Francisco, we caught up with four familiar faces from the team to hear about their work and passions. 

Cyril Meridi, Back of House Manager

Cyril is The Conduit’s sustainability champion; he works with fellow team members, suppliers and external companies to help us be as eco-friendly as possible. Cyril’s hard work helped The Conduit to gain an ISO certificate for best practice in environmental management, ensuring our building meets rigorous sustainability standards. Outside of work, he’s a passionate cook!

What made you choose to work at The Conduit?

While I’d previously worked for a number of large, more traditional hotels, I decided to join The Conduit to be part of an organisation that goes beyond financial gain. I felt it was a great opportunity to diversify my skills, develop in a new direction and contribute to environmental and social change. That’s how I first became involved in our sustainability programme, as well as our health and safety efforts.

Cyril is wearing Allbirds Wool Runners in Natural Black.

Davide Minervino, Head Bartender

A highly-skilled mixologist, Davide is one of the masterminds behind our inventive cocktail menus. Recent creations include ‘Bread n’Jam’, which uses leftover sourdough; ‘Cereal Sipper’, made with our inhouse kombucha; and ‘Elixir of Life, featuring English pears and zero carbon rosemary.

How do you approach designing The Conduit’s cocktails?

Creating a sustainable drink offering comes with a lot of challenges but it’s also a great chance to be creative. We use different techniques to transform leftover produce into new ingredients, like combining coffee grounds with salt and vanilla to make a delicious infusion or blending the zest of squeezed citrus fruits into cocktails for added zing.

Davide is wearing Allbirds Runner-up Mizzle in Natural Grey.

Laurel Tchitembo, Floor Manager

One of The Conduit’s most recognisable faces, Laurel has been with The Conduit since the beginning. He and his team spend all day on their feet, connecting like-minded people and helping to build a strong sense of community.

What helps you to get up in the morning?

I believe that The Conduit’s mission to connect people for positive change is so important, especially when we’re facing enormous global challenges. It has been amazing to watch our community grow and bond. We’re like a big family. 

Laurel is wearing Allbirds Wool Runners in Natural White.

Ines Ferreira, Head Waitress

As the Head Waitress in the Restaurant, Ines is a key member of the Restaurant team and keeps our service running smoothly. Starting out as a waitress, she quickly rose through the ranks, becoming Senior Waitress before being promoted to Head Waitress in late 2019. Before joining the Conduit team, Ines was a professional ballerina and still loves to dance as much as possible! 

What makes The Conduit’s Restaurant different? 

All the dishes on The Conduit’s menus are designed with a deep commitment to sustainability in mind, in collaboration with small-scale farmers, fishermen and other local suppliers. Plus, we don’t use any single-use plastic in our kitchens!

Ines is wearing Allbirds Wool Runner Mizzle in Savanna Night.

The Conduit x Allbirds

The Conduit are excited to be partnering with Allbirds, described as “the world’s most comfortable shoe” by TIME MagazineTM when they launched in 2016. Allbirds share our passion for sustainability and communities with impact; their shoes are made from renewable materials including Merino wool, eucalyptus and sugarcane, while packaging is created from post-consumer recycled cardboard. Their core mission – to make better things in a better way – is one that we are proud to support. As part of our partnership, Allbirds has kitted out The Conduit’s Front of House team. 


The Allbirds story:

Having seen his fair share of sneakers as a professional athlete, Tim Brown understood the need for a simpler and more comfortable shoe. Being from New Zealand, wool immediately came to mind as the perfect material, and Tim began an extensive development process. After teaming up with San Francisco-based engineer and renewables expert, Joey Zwillinger, Allbirds was born. The brand launched its first product in March 2016, and went on to sell over a million pairs of shoes in its first two years of business. Allbirds continue to introduce new proprietary sustainable materials, including Tree and Sugar.

Discover more at or visit their store in Covent Garden at 123 Long Acre.