Zunaira Malik

Programme Manager at Action for Conservation

Impact Fellow

“I’m a conduit for making the environment for everyone


I am most passionate about life and our planet and recognising that we have a duty as human beings to do our bit in preserving such a vital lifeline. I am passionate about linking environmental inequality to other social inequalities and making environmental values less of a quirky “thing” by connecting them with the very real issues of justice people are faced with everyday. I believe that real green solutions should take everyone into account and should come from those who are on the frontlines and margins of this crisis. I am passionate about listening to the stories of those people and making environmental messaging inclusive and relatable to everyone, as I believe this is where it all begins.


You can help the movement and future generations by carving out space for people to speak about their own values, share how they see and experience the environment in a way that’s true to them and look for common ground, which almost always exists. Let’s really listen and take on board what might be uncomfortable to hear when we discuss solutions. If a conversation around solutions doesn’t include an array of people from different backgrounds and walks of life, call it out – it’s our duty. 

You can also support our work at Action for Conservation, where we are always looking for extra resources, event space and professionals to share their expertise with young people to support them in taking action for the environment in their own way. Please get in touch if you think there is scope for us to work together!


Zunaira Malik is a Programme Manager at Action for Conservation, a charity that engages and empowers young people to connect with and protect the natural world and become the next generation of environmental changemakers. Zunaira works closely with young people from different walks of life on AFC’s programmes where she designs and leads workshops, hosts webinars, leads nature camps in National Parks and mentors young people. She aims to reach all young people regardless of their background and ability, and make environmental knowledge accessible and relatable to all by forming connections with what matters most to them. Zunaira became involved in environmental campaigning through her general interest in the outdoors and her Islamic faith. She has attended civil society actions at COP21 and COP22 with Islamic Relief and has spoken about, and led workshops on, connecting cultural and faith-based values to environmental values in her community.