Téa Braun

Director of the Human Dignity Trust

Social Impact Member

“I am a conduit for the reform of archaic laws that criminalise LGBT+ people. Notably present across Commonwealth countries, they are toxic relics of the British colonial era and have no place in just and equal societies.”


As a human rights lawyer, I’m passionate about using the law as a vehicle for the realisation of rights, affecting wider social change and pushing boundaries, particularly as it relates to eliminating discrimination and boosting equality, freedom and empowerment for women and girls and LGBT+ people around the world.


Astonishingly, there are still over 70 countries around the world that criminalise LGBT people because of who they are and who they love. These laws are often part of a wider set of out-dated laws that also fail to protect women, children and other marginalised groups from sexual violence. You can help the Human Dignity Trust to bring that number down by donating here. Discriminatory laws dramatically affect the daily lives of LGBT people, who face a wide range of human rights abuses ranging from imprisonment and police blackmail to family and community violence to discrimination in housing, education and employment. There is ample evidence to show that these discriminatory laws are also bad for business, whilst inclusion and diversity are intimately linked to economic prosperity. You can use your influence to spread awareness about the injustice of anti-LGBT laws globally, both as an individual and through any business connections you may have.


Téa Braun is the executive director of the Human Dignity Trust, an international organisation that uses the law to defend the human rights of LGBT people globally. Since 2012, Téa has been involved in supporting court cases in all regions of the world that seek to decriminalise LGBT people and challenge other discriminatory actions against them, including several landmark cases that are pushing the boundaries of international and constitutional law. She has overseen ground-breaking global research on the extent to which discriminatory sexual offences laws continue to foment stigma, discrimination and violence against LGBT people, women, children and persons with disabilities, including Good Practice in Human Rights Compliant Sexual Offences Laws in the Commonwealth (2019). Téa is a member of the Law Society of British Columbia, Canada (non-practising) and her expertise is in international human rights law and comparative constitutional law, with a particular focus on women’s human rights and LGBT human rights. In addition to several years in private legal practice in Canada, she has previously held inter-governmental appointments as Gender Equality Advisor to the Secretariat of the Pacific Community and Human Rights Advisor to the Commonwealth Secretariat. She has advised multiple governments, civil society organisations and litigants across Africa, Asia, the Pacific and the Caribbean.