Kat Thorne

Executive Director of The Commonwealth Education Trust

Social Impact Member

“I am the conduit for teachers in far-flung places to change the lives of millions of children.”


I am passionate about providing teachers in underserved communities with first-time access to role models and digital learning, helping them to change children’s lives with impact. My father raised me to believe that education opens doors and that consistent learning is a gift we must use well throughout our lives. He was right on both counts. However, so many children do not get access to quality learning and doors remain shut for them (approx. 90% in sub-Saharan Africa); and so many teachers do not yet know the extent of the power they have to do amazing things if they themselves continue to learn. I am passionate about teachers learning and in doing so, them being the best role models that they can be for the next generation. After all, they are the most impactful resource in education today.



I am looking for investors of all types who want to be part of scaling our Teach2030 programme for teachers (currently being piloted across Zambia, Jamaica and Tanzania). Sustainable, accessible and simple initiatives are so desperately needed to create dramatic systemic change in the quality of teaching and learning across most Commonwealth countries. For starters, we are looking to change the lives of 5 million children, fast.


It was as a teacher in a very challenging environment where Kat discovered her real love: meaningful educational technology. The potential to significantly increase engagement and learning outcomes inspired her to work in this fast-paced space, across many countries gaining extensive experience in the management of international educational projects, ranging from single schools to large districts. She believes in the power of teachers and the untapped potential of that resource in every classroom across the globe. Kat leads  The Commonwealth Education Trust  as Executive Director and has recently released its new flagship programme for teachers, Teach2030. It has been created to improve educational outcomes through combining accessible digital learning and simple, yet effective models of in-person support. When not travelling she splits her time between the Conduit Club in London office or her coworking space in the South England coast where she is training for her first sea-triathlon.