Adam Dickens

Founder of  Taking Pictures, Changing Lives Foundation

Social Impact Member

I am a conduit for photographers around the world to share stories of hope, resilience and change.


I am passionate about using photography to change lives. Traditionally, charities fly international photographers around the world to capture images; yet there are so many talented local photographers in the countries where these charities work. I believe the cultural understanding and compassion that local photographers have for their own countries and communities result in better pictures. Their awareness results in deeper connections and produces images that tell a truer story, raising more money for the vital work of these charities.


The Taking Pictures, Changing Lives Foundation provides work for local photographers and supports life-changing work across three continents. Sign up to our newsletter and share our network of photographers ready to work for the charities you care about. Every year we crowdfund to be able to gift our services to charities who cannot afford professional photographers – please donate if you can. You can also build our network by telling us about charities who need photographers, and by introducing us to photographers to partner with and professionals who can share expertise, skills and advice for us to grow.


Adam is a UK photographer working in the UK, Africa, Asia and Latin America with charities who support some of the most vulnerable communities on earth. For 11 years he has photographed and filmed for 28 charities around the world. Since 2014 he has raised £100,000 with crowdfunding to fund the work of his international team, and in turn their photos and films have helped raise over £2 million for the charities they partner with. In 2020 he founded the Taking Pictures, Changing Lives Foundation, giving a platform for the voices of those helped by these charities, to share their stories as their lives, families and communities are transformed. Adam’s work is no longer about him travelling to countries around the world. It’s about empowering photographers to visit communities and projects in their own countries, for them to capture stories of need, hope and change and for charities to raise the vital funds they need to continue changing lives. Learn more at