Scaling high impact solutions by marshalling the knowledge, networks and capital of the Conduit community and its impact partners

Conduit Capital, the investment arm and sister company to The Conduit, is founded on two beliefs:

First, we believe that The Conduit community has access to solutions that can have a transformative impact on pressing social and environmental issues.

Second, we believe the community has the impetus and the resources to scale these solutions.

Conduit Capital, a separate regulated business, exists to deploy these resources – knowledge, networks and capital – to grow and scale high impact social enterprises globally. It is an umbrella entity with three distinct strategies which support social entrepreneurs through their investment lifecycle, and in turn, generate alpha through a positive virtuous cycle of informed quality underwriting and mentorship.

The Conduit Connect


A regulated direct investment platform which selects and connects the most promising high impact deal flow to members of The Conduit community for investment and mentorship. The Conduit Connect looks for businesses that aim to deliver profit and purpose.

The Conduit Connect sources and selects high quality and high impact businesses globally. We review hundreds of deals to select the most sustainable and investable opportunities with environmental and social impact at their core. Eligible companies are offered a dedicated team that introduces these businesses to values-aligned and mission-aligned Conduit members, a digital and private platform that publishes these investment opportunities for Professional Investors and showcases that are aimed to raise the profile and visibility of these businesses.

The Conduit Connect has raised almost £4mm since its launch in 2019 and engaged over 500 members through its selection process, showcases and investment platform. Examples of Conduit Connect companies include Cervest, The London Interdisciplinary School, MoM Incubators, Neurofenix, Profindaand Library of Things.

For more information on The Conduit Connect, please contact info@theconduitconnect.com

The Conduit Investment Advisors


In-house and third-party impact investment funds focused on high impact growth stage investment opportunities.

The Conduit Investment Advisors Limited enables scale in impact through its family of thematic discretionary investment vehicles targeting growth stage investments in financially sustainable businesses focused on creating positive social, economic, and environmental impact. The Conduit Investment Advisors aims to build a world-class platform for impact investment funds, both home-grown and funds brought to the platform by members of The Conduit community or impact partners.

The Conduit Investment Advisors will launch its first funds in the coming months. For more details, please contact info@conduitcapitalpartners.com

The Conduit Foundation


Supporting solutions that are high impact, scalable and need philanthropic capital

The Conduit Foundation will support ideas for scalable high impact solutions that need catalytic philanthropic capital to crystalize those ideas into actionable plans. The Foundation is currently awaiting confirmation of our charitable purposes by The Charities Commission.

For more details, please contact info@conduitcapitalpartners.com

Please note that Conduit Capital Limited and Conduit Connect Limited are an Appointed Representative of Prospect Capital Ltd, FRN number 515599, which is authorised and regulated in the UK by the Financial Conduct Authority. Please note that Conduit Capital Limited and Conduit Connect Limited are independent and separate legal entities from The Conduit. Please note that The Conduit cannot and does not endorse or make any representations or warranties in relation to Conduit Capital Limited and Conduit Connect Limited.