We source exceptional food with a deep commitment to sustainability. We work with small-scale producers predominately within the British Isles, chosen because they combine quality with responsible practices.


Our Executive Chef, Leonardo Pereira, creates menus that play on recognisable ideas while remaining a distinctive Conduit experience, taking into consideration seasonality, provenance and culture associations.


Our world-class cocktail offering is led by one of London’s most renowned mixologists, Walter Pintus, who is always looking for new ways to introduce sustainable practices into our cocktail making, from creating an infusion from blended coffee grounds to transforming squeezed oranges into sherbet.

Guest Chef 1 : SØREN WESTH

We are excited to welcome chef Søren Westh, pioneer of sustainable Nordic cuisine and co-founder of culinary lab .506, to The Conduit to kick off our 2020 guest chef programme.

Food Partners & Sourcing


Our coffee is a custom, single origin blend from Huila, Colombia, provided to us by Volcano Coffee, an independent coffee roastery based in South London. Working with Red Associations, on the ground in Colombia, Volcano provide us with coffee that is 100% sustainable and compostable whilst also providing a positive impact to the community where the bean was farmed


Natoora is revolutionising the supply chain in order to create a more responsible food system that preserves seed varieties, growing techniques and flavours that are threatened by modern industrial farming. With a trusted community of small growers across Europe, their mission is to create a more meaningful supply chain that will transform the future of food forever.”


Working directly with sustainable boats across the country, Pesky’s 100% transparent chain enables us to source fish straight from the skipper and into our kitchen in as little as 5 hours. Supported by their revolutionary supply chain model, Pesky are helping fishermen to achieve higher, fairer prices for their catch.



Our black teas are being supplied by Postcard Teas who, in 2008 , were the first tea company in the world to put the makers’ name and location on all of their 60 teas. They specialise in working with small producers of less than 15 acres which is better for the people, places and our planet.



We partner with the Beyond Food Foundation, an organisation which helps those affected by homelessness to develop skills and find meaningful employment in the hospitality sector. Each year we accept graduates coming directly from their training programmes to work in our kitchens.


We work closely with The Husbandry School in Devon, a husband and wife run farm that explores the practice of ecologically sound land management on Dartmoor. They grow vegetables of all shapes and sizes, encouraging restaurants to use a variety of produce to help reduce food waste.

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