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Ocean Finance

Innovative Financing for Ocean Conservation

From mitigating climate change to acting as an essential food source, we have never been more aware of the ocean’s significance for humanity – and, with it, of the need to invest in this natural resource’s protection and sustainability. With growing threats such as over-fishing, pollution and warm waters, as well as the possible opportunities presented by the seabed and its inhabitants, how can we be strategic about how we direct funds and manage financial investments in ocean conservation? With Peter Wheeler, Executive Vice President, The Nature Conservancy; Ross Brooks, BD & Finance Associate, Katapult Ocean.

Art of Gathering

Art of Gathering

Drawing from her acclaimed book, The Art of Gathering: How We Meet and Why It Matters, Parker led a Live Art of Gathering Laboratory and then reverse-engineered live what she does to create this experience, so that our members could learn how to recreate it.

Kumi Naidoo

Fireside Chat with Kumi Naidoo

We were delighted to host a conversation with South African social justice and environmental activist, Kumi Naidoo. Recently appointed Secretary General of Amnesty International, Kumi reflected on the lessons he’s learned and challenges he’s faced across his career, from exiled anti-apartheid protester to Executive Director of Greenpeace, and shared his vision for the future of civil society.

Protest Signs

Marching Towards Change

Today, protests are an almost daily occurrence across the globe, with notable recent examples including the Youth Climate Strike, the ‘Gilets Jaunes’ movement in France and Algerian protests against President Bouteflika. But in this historic moment of global struggle, is protesting the best way to bring about change? We hosted an event with Steve Crawshaw, author, ‘Street Spirit: The Power of Protest and Mischief’; Katherine Sladden, Activist, Campaign Consultant, Founder, Chorus Campaign; and Srdja Popovic, Activist and Founder, Canvas, to understand what it takes to build an efficient civil movement.

Infinite Game

Playing the Infinite Game

When it comes to education, business or life itself, there’s no such thing as winning. These are infinite games: the players come and go, the rules are changeable and there is no defined end point. Leaders who embrace an infinite mindset build stronger, more innovative, more inspiring organisations. With the resilience to thrive in an ever-changing world, they are the ones who lead the rest of us into the future. In collaboration with Big Change, we hosted a conversation with optimist and author Simon Sinek and Big Change’s Essie North about how adopting an infinite mindset is essential to building our future leaders and the steps we can take to cultivate this thinking ourselves.

Clive Anderson

Comedy Evening: Clive Anderson in conversation with Helen Lederer

Comedy, politics, chat shows and novels: how do you build and maintain a successful comedy career in an environment as fickle and fleeting as the entertainment industry? We hosted comedic icons, Clive Anderson and Helen Lederer, as they deconstructed 30 years of disasters, triumphs and ultimate survival in the cutthroat world of show business, from ‘Whose Line is it anyway’ to ‘Absolutely Fabulous’.